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Abrasive Wheels – Training

Training Objectives

To pass the knowledge of current regulations and skills necessary to safely use, and the

mounting, of abrasive wheels, therefore reducing the risk of accidents. This training course

provides formal training to personnel responsible for the maintenance of abrasive wheels

and associated equipment.

Course contents

Classroom session to cover the following:

  • Current legislation

  •  Potential hazards when using Abrasive Wheels

  • Abrasive Wheel markings and indicators – manufacturer, type, speed

  • Methods for storing, handling and transporting Abrasive Wheels

  • The use and function of Abrasive Wheel equipment


Practical session to cover the following:


  • Pre-use inspection of Abrasive Wheel equipment and Abrasive Wheels

  •  Correct method of mounting Abrasive Wheels to equipment – safety considerations

  • Use of equipment while grinding

  • Adjustment of guards and rests


Demonstration of:


  • Dressing and Trueing an Abrasive Wheel



The practical elements will include the use of bench/pedestal machines and portable

machines where appropriate.


Delegates will be required to pass a written assessment at the end of the training course.

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