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ROV Simulator – Pilot Training and Assessment

The use of simulators to deliver employee training is one of the most effective training

methods available today. Employees who have a hands-on knowledge and use of

equipment and tools have more confidence and mastery of the required job skills and

subsequently fewer errors are encountered when live operations are carried out.

inABZ’s ROV Simulator Training and Assessment program brings a true feeling of ROV Operations to

delegates allowing them to gain Piloting Skills, Manipulator Skills, familiarity with various subsea

environments and tasks, as well as enabling the delegates to work as a team through precise and effective communication. The training program is based on the content of IMCA’s document IMCA C 014. Guidance for use of Simulators which provides guidance on the Piloting skills that ROV Pilot Technician’s, Submersible Technician’s and Supervisors should have.



ROV Simulator – Mission Planning

Through experience of the market, inABZ have become very aware of the benefits that clients of ROV contractors see they can achieve from having their future project requirements enabled within simulation.


To have the requirements of a future project created within simulation where true dimensional differences are implemented such as ROV physical size, reach of manipulators and accessibility defined, prior to going to live operations which not only ROV personnel can benefit from flying and completing the mission from which they may make recommendations which engineering personnel can through the simulation understand what solutions can be implemented before live operations take place.


inABZ can manage the below elements of ROV Mission Planning:

  • Collating client requirements

  • Collating essential engineering dimensional information

  • Simulation creation

  • Testing of created Simulation

  • Run Mission Planning sessions to allow ROV teams to complete the mission/s

  • Implement any engineering revisions to simulated missions

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