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Our High Voltage Proof of Competence Scheme is for freelance ROV personnel who want to demonstrate their competence in this area. Something we have been asked about repeatedly is whether or not we will offer High Voltage Training and Competence Assessments.


We are delighted to announce that in partnership with Caledonia Competence, we now have a remote High Voltage Proof of Competence certification scheme for Freelance ROV Personnel.


This involves a short video conference training session delivered by an experienced High Voltage Trainer. The training is based on IMCA C010 – High Voltage Training and IMCA R005 – Isolation of ROV High Voltage Equipment. The training session is followed by evidence being submitted to our Assessor via our ATTAIN system.


The assessment will be against set criteria and Candidates will be expected to show that they understand the need for and the order of a number of processes required to safely work with High Voltage.


Each assessment will be verified prior to a certificate being issued and the certification has a validity period of four years.


For more information please get in touch.

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