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Introduction to ‘ROV Operations’ – for technical personnel

The profile of personnel within the subsea and remote intervention industry constantly changes with experienced personnel leaving the industry and equally personnel join the industry with technical experience and/or academic qualifications.

The selection of the personnel who join the industry will be based on the criteria required by the employing company. However the personnel employed by companies may suitable technically or through their qualifications but they do not have knowledge of ROV’s, ROV operations and Remote Intervention tasks or equipment.

inABZ can provide ‘Introduction to ROV Operations’ courses that can cover many aspects of ROV Operations tasks and equipment to give attending personnel a technical understanding of:

  • ROV systems

  • ROV crewing

  • ROV operations

  • Remote Intervention tasks

The courses can be tailored to the depth of detail that a client wishes and customised to

reflect the technical aspects of the clients business where ROV’s and Remote Intervention

are used.


Introduction to ‘Your Companies Business’ – for non-technical personnel

Steve Benzie of inABZ Limited, has on many occasions delivered courses to personnel who are non-technical. However for these personnel to have an understanding of ‘Your Companies Business’ relating to ROV’s, ROV Operations and the subsea industry, can be invaluable to the individual and to your company.


The course will provide the delegates with appropriate and easily understood information on what ROV’s are and what they do for your business.

These courses are delivered by Steve in his personable and pleasant manner and have resulted in feedback from delegates such as:

“I have been preparing proposals for ROV services but I have never seen an ROV, but I now know what they are, what they do and how our company uses ROV’s”

“I have been ordering quantities of part number XYZ123 - Thruster, but until attending this course I had no idea what I was ordering or what it is used for, now I know what I am ordering”

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