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High Voltage Isolation and Proving Dead – Training & Assessment

This training and assessment course covers the essential requirements of safe working procedures on High Voltage (HV) electrical equipment and systems such as ROV’s and other subsea equipment.


The content of the training course is based on guidance presented in the IMCA


‘IMCA C 010 High Voltage Training: A syllabus for training offshore workers involved in

high voltage equipment’


‘IMCA R 005 Safety Procedures for Isolation of ROV High Voltage Equipment (Above 1



An assessment of the candidates Competence to Isolate and Prove Dead HV equipment is carried out. The assessment is carried out based on the content of IMCA R 005.


On completion of the training and assessment a Certificate will be issued by inABZ Limited advising of the Competence of each candidate to Isolate and Prove Dead HV equipment.

The Competence of the candidates will be defined as:

1. Competent to Supervise an Isolation.

2. Competent to carry out an Isolation under Supervision.

3. Not Yet Competent.

Note – any Not Yet Competent Candidates will receive a Certificate of Attendance for the Training Session.

If desired, inABZ Limited can arrange for Verification of Competence Assessments.

High Voltage Isolation and Prove Dead for Freelance Personnel

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