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inABZ Services

ROV ITT (Invitation to Tender) Preparation

With the combined experience of Senior ROV Tendering Engineer and Commercial manager for an ROV contractor, Steve Benzie of inABZ Limited is well qualified to assist companies prepare ITT’s (Invitation to Tender) for ROV Services that they require.

The ITT would include the specification of the ROV system/s required for the work-scope, and the qualifications required by the ROV crew and other ‘specialists’ who are required to compliment the ROV crew such as CSWIP3.4U Inspectors, FMD inspectors, Corrosion Engineers.


ROV ITT (Invitation to Tender) Submission Assessments

In addition to the preparation of ITT’s inABZ can provide an assessment of submitted ITT’s from potential suppliers providing an evaluation of the suitability of the ROV system and equipment offered for the work-scope.

The assessment can include the suitability of the offered ROV crew’s experience, training and Competence for carrying out the required work-scope.

Similarly, the experience, training and Competence of additional ‘specialists’ who are to compliment the ROV crew can be assessed.

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